Building Bridges - Online Life Coaching

Online Life-Coaching

Life-Coaching Do you want to fast-track a project? Do you need accountability to remain focused? From discovery of your passion to understanding and resolving what keeps you from attaining your goals, life-coaching can provide a structured framework focused on your success.

Removing Blocks
Mapping and Planning
Fast-Tracking Projects 


Online Intuitive Counseling

Feeling stuck? Confused? Unhappy? Worse? It's ok. I understand because I have been there. This work is non-clinical, natural, intuitive and empathic. The goal is to get you feeling better and for you to learn how to bring yourself back to feeling better if you find yourself back in a stuck place.

Emotional/Physical Trauma
Getting Unstuck
Relationship challenges

Online Meditation Instruction

Online Meditation Instruction

Meditation I love teaching people about meditation and how to meditate. I believe meditation has so much value and can be used to enhance your quality of life in many ways. Daily practice can lead to increased mental clarity, the release of physical tension and higher states of consciousness. 

Mental Clarity & Focus
Stress Management, Anger Management
General Unease
Energy Work 

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